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AI killed the radio star?

Meet Fi, the world’s first co-creating virtual popstar. Powered by the latest AI technology, Fi collaborates with up-and-coming human artists while sharing a unique life story on social media.


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Who is Fi?

Fi is a fictional star born in a galaxy far, far away – who came to planet Earth to become the first real popstar in the universe.


To blend in on Earth, Fi took on human form. But which form? Refusing to choose, Fi decided to take on a fluid appearance and gradually morph between any possible human gender, ethnicity and age. Ever since, Fi is learning to play music while collaborating with the most talented human artists out there, while dreaming of becoming a true popstar one day.


 Prince + Jin (BTS) 


 3D model 


 Body double + 3D model 

Another example of how we apply AI in our creative process is Fi’s face. To generate a unique face, we first use a StyleGAN to morph the faces of 2 iconic popstars (using royalty-free reference images). Second, we re-create the AI-generated face in 3D using Unreal Engine. Finally, we use a body double to create visual content and Adobe software for post-production.

Fi as a co-creator

Behind Fi’s virtual appearance lies a unique music experiment involving a wide variety of different musicians and AI tools.


During experimental jam sessions, we invite a wide variety of up-and-coming musicians to play around with existing AI tools such as Magenta StudioMax/MSP, and Vocaloid. Throughout these sessions, we hope to discover when and how AI could assist, inspire or provoke the human creative process. 

In addition to our jam sessions, our in-house production team is generating original AI-powered music. This music is being published for free on BeatStars. In this way, we hope to introduce AI-generated music to the music community in an accessible way.


When and where will Fi launch?

Fi will launch on July 18 on Instagram and Twitter.

Who owns the intellectual property?

Thunderboom Records owns the IP of Fi as a character. When Fi generates new music (by using various AI tools), the IP lies with the musician using the AI tools. 

Can I work with Fi?

Yes you can. Please reach out to Max Tiel or Joost de Boo via and drop us a line.