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Over time, Fi gradually changes looks and styles.

The first fluid AI artist and cobot Fi is launched

A new generation of digital pop stars is born

AMSTERDAM, AUGUST 22, 2022  Thunderboom Records, the world’s first record label for robots, is today launching its fluid virtual pop star Fi.


Fi is a virtual robot that releases music and exists on social media just like any other artist. But Fi takes everything a step further. The virtual pop star Fi goes beyond the limitations of defined music genres, subcultures, ethnicities and gender identities. Fi gradually changes looks and styles, mixes different genres
of music and collaborates with a wide variety of artists.


Made up of various creative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, the collaborative robot (cobot) Fi is the first digital artist of a new generation to apply technology in an innovative and inclusive way. Fi does this by organising jam sessions in which AI tools are used to challenge, inspire or assist collaborating musicians.


But Fi also exists live: augmented reality and hologram techniques allow Fi to be on stage – just like any other artist.


“Fi is the type of innovation that you don’t see frequently in the music industry. Socially responsible, technology-driven, and still very appealing to a wide audience”, says Rick Heffernan, music-tech expert.

It has become increasingly difficult to imagine the music industry without any form of computer technology. Capitol Records is signing robot rappers, Ariana Grande is a 3D character in video games and ABBA now performs as a hologram. However, the latest and most advanced technology is not always accessible to all artists – be they new or firmly established.


Thunderboom Records is therefore now introducing Fi as the first fluid virtual pop star and collaborative robot, making the latest and most advanced technology accessible to all artists.


“At Thunderboom Records, we believe that AI-driven robot artists are an inevitable future because the developments in the field of AI and synthetic media are more than promising and advancing fast. Our aim is to ensure that AI will always be an enrichment to human expression, and never a threat”, say Max Tiel and Joost de Boo, founders of Thunderboom Records.


Instagram @fi for real


Twitter @fi for real


Fi is created in close collaboration with Reblika – The Character Company.

Thunderboom Records is registered as a foundation to ensure the responsible development and application of AI in the music industry. The goal of Thunderboom Records is to ensure that future robot artists will always be an enrichment to human expression – instead of a threat – and that its technology will be open and accessible to all.


To reach this goal, Thunderboom Records brings together multi-disciplinary project teams with musicians, scientists and designers to develop responsible AI-driven artists and tools.  Our core values are: inclusive, transparant and complementary.


For further information, please contact Joost de Boo or Max Tiel:



Fi’s virtual journey and life story is co-written by the latest AI technology.

Fi is the world’s first fluid virtual artist and collaborative robot.

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