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AI killed the radio star?

Meet Fi, the world’s first fluid AI-driven artist and collaborative robot. Fi is created to become a pop star for as many people as possible – no matter who you are or what you look like.



As a virtual human, Fi will gradually change looks and styles.  

Fi is a virtual robot that releases music and exists on social media just like any other artist. But Fi takes everything a step further.


The virtual pop star Fi goes beyond the limitations of defined gender identities, ethnicities, subcultures, and music genres. Fi gradually changes looks and styles, mixes different genres of music and collaborates with a wide variety of artists.


Fi is the world’s first fluid virtual artist and collaborative robot. 

Made up of various creative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, the collaborative robot (cobot) Fi is the first digital artist of a new generation to apply technology in an innovative and inclusive way. Fi does this by organising open jam sessions in which AI tools are used to challenge, inspire and assist collaborating musicians.


But Fi also exists live: augmented reality and hologram techniques allow Fi to be on stage – just like any other artist.


Fi’s virtual journey and life story is co-written by the latest AI technology.

It has become increasingly difficult to imagine the music industry without any form of computer technology. Capitol Records is signing robot rappers, Ariana Grande is a 3D character in video games and ABBA now performs as a hologram. However, the latest and most advanced technology is not always accessible to all artists – be they new or firmly established.


Thunderboom Records is therefore introducing Fi as the first fluid virtual pop star and collaborative robot, making the latest and most advanced technology accessible to all artists.


Why does Fi exist?

To explore the creative potential of artificial intelligence and to make the latest and most advanced technology accessible to all artists.

Where can I check out Fi?

You can check out Fi on social media.

What is the technology behind Fi?

Fi is created by combining a wide variety of industry-leading technology such as Unreal Engine, Adobe CS, DALL·E, StyleGan, Bloom, GPT-3, Javascript, Max/MSP, Vocaloid and ​Ableton Live.

Why is Fi continuously changing looks and styles?

To make sure that as many people as possible can relate to Fi.

When will Fi change appearance?

Only Fi knows.

Does Fi have a facial tattoo?

Yes, a star on each cheek.

Fi is a collaborative robot (cobot), what does that mean?

Fi is designed to challenge, inspire and assist musicians during their creative process – not to be a substitution or competitor.

Can I listen to the AI jam sessions?

Not yet, still work-in-progress.  

How is Fi’s music on SoundCloud created?

Fi’s music on SoundCloud was co-created by various AI tools and Max Tiel, founder of Thunderboom Records.

Can I collaborate with Fi?

Yes you can. Please feel free to reach out to Max Tiel or Joost de Boo via and drop us a line.

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