Press release


Monday, 18 March 2022, 12:00 CEST

The artist of the future comes from The Netherlands.

Meet Fi, the world's first AI-powered musician. Fi is a groundbreaking creation by the Thunderboom Records Foundation, in close collaboration with Reblika. Fi brings together different worlds and can therefore change into different appearances. This makes Fi the world's first fluid digital pop star.


Co-creating with a digital robot

Fi is a co-bot, which stands for collaborative robot. Fi exists online and is created to help musicians apply new technology to their work and enrich their creativity. Fi never creates alone and always collaborates with other human creators. Fi owns a unique identity on social media, and aims to help other musicians with their digital visibility.


The story behind Fi is striking. Fi was born as a star in a galaxy far, far away. One day, Fi decided to visit planet Earth to pursue a dream; becoming the first real popstar in the universe. Ever since, Fi has been learning to play music while collaborating with the most talented human artists out there, while changing appearance and music styles. Fi is always recognizable by a simple facial tattoo of two stars.


Technology as creative inspiration

But how does this work in practice? Fi organizes sessions with musicians by using the latest AI tools. In this way, Fi creates new musical connections, musicians learn how to apply new technology and they gain online visibility on Fi's social channels. But Fi also exists live. By using augmented reality and hologram techniques, Fi can perform just like any other artist.


Fi is practice-based research, where the central question is: how can the increasingly popular digital musicians be an enrichment for human musicians? The main idea behind this is that technological development is difficult to stop and that it is therefore best to embrace new technology and apply it in a positive way.


No one knows when Fi will change appearance so keep an eye on the socials to stay informed.