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AI × Heritage

From the archives to the dance floor.

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Waive is an international collaboration between Thunderboom Records and four European heritage institutions: The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the BBC Archives, the Catalan Media Corporation and the Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council.

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Waive uses the latest AI technology to generate original music and visuals based on European heritage materials. The Waive project consists of two parts: building AI-powered creative tools for Waive Studio and organising interactive live shows across Europe.

Waive Studio is an online environment that offers low-key AI tools to generate music and visuals based on heritage materials. Currently, Waive Studio offers an open-source digital audio workspace (DAW) that can generate original drum, bass and melody patterns and simultaneously recommend suitable audio samples from the National archives. A bird becomes a hihat and a boat becomes a bass.

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In 2022, Waive Studio was used at the Amsterdam Dance Event and during the Amsterdam Museum Night. During these live events, DJs were invited to add Waive Studio to their live sets. Additionally, audiences were given the opportunity to play around with Waive Studio in custom designed DJ booths.

Waive is an initiative of Thunderboom Records, in collaboration with
Sound and Vision, Arran Lyon and
Superposition, and is made possible by the Mondriaan Fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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