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New technology. Open, fair and safe.

Thunderboom Records is an independent innovation lab at the cutting edge of music and new technology such as AI and mixed reality.

Our goal is to ensure that new technology is always enriching our human creative expression, rather than harming it.

To reach our goal, we initiate and produce technology-driven music projects together with a great diversity of artists, audiences, designers, programmers and music industry professionals.

Our projects take many forms: from open-source AI tools to keynote series and from virtual artists to accessible hardware.

What we do

> Creation
We help you discover the potential of new technology and music. We develop creative concepts, build technological solutions, and design and produce interactive experiences.

> Sharing
Our learnings and experience are there to be shared. That’s why we host workshops, present keynotes, join panel discussions, lecture at universities and produce live shows.

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Build on public values

In 2020, Thunderboom Records was registered as a non-profit foundation in Amsterdam. 

Everything we do is value-driven:

> Inclusivity
We strive to create accessible human-centered technology that includes diverse perspectives.

> Complementary
Our technology should always be an addition to human creative expression, not a substitution. 

> Transparency
Our working methods and results must always be explainable and transparent. No black boxes.


Thunderboom Records is founded by Joost de Boo and Max Tiel. Together with a wide variety of external partners, they work on the execution of the various projects.


Joost is an innovation designer and educator, specialised in emerging technology and pop culture. As co-founder of Thunderboom Records, Joost brings over 10 years of technology-driven design experience. ​

​Joost holds a MFA in Design Research from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, as well as a BFA in Graphic Design from Utrecht School of the Arts.

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Max is a musician, producer and innovation specialist with a love for music tech and AI. As the co-founder of Thunderboom Records, Max has a proven ability to translate complex information into compelling concepts. ​

Max holds a MA in History, Political Culture and National Identity from the Leiden University, as well as a BA in History from the Utrecht University.

Advisory board

Tribe of Noise

Utopia Music


Creatieve Industrie
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