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We specialise in responsible AI-driven music tools and virtual artists.

At Thunderboom Records, we believe that AI-powered music tools and virtual artists are an inevitable future because the developments in the field of AI and 3D media are more than promising.

Although this sounds exciting, there are major risks involved. Because what happens when computers become better writers, singers or performers than David Bowie, Beyoncé or Kendrick Lamar?

It is our goal to make sure that AI will always be an enrichment to human creative expression, instead of a threat. To reach this goal, we bring together multi-disciplinary project teams with musicians, technologists and designers to develop and produce responsible AI-powered music tools, artists, and live shows.

In 2020, Thunderboom Records was registered as a non-profit foundation to ensure that future creative AI technology will always be open and accessible to us all.


Check out Fi, our AI-driven virtual artist. 

What we do

We co-create

Together with our partners, we co-create and apply responsible AI and 3D technology to inspire, challenge and empower human creativity.

We share

Our creative progress and industry insights are there to be shared. That’s why we present keynotes, join panel discussions, organise workshops, lecture at universities and produce live shows.

We advise

Thunderboom Records helps organisations create future-proof and technology-driven strategies and solutions for the music industry based on shared social values. 

Connect with us

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Joost de Boo

Joost is an innovation designer and education expert, specialised in AI technology and music culture. As co-founder of Thunderboom Records, Joost brings over 10 years of technology-driven design experience.

Joost holds a MFA in Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, as well as a BFA in Graphic Design from Utrecht School of the Arts.

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Max Tiel

Max is a musician, producer and consultant with a love for music technology and artificial intelligence. As the co-founder of Thunderboom Records, Max has a proven ability to translate complex information into compelling concepts.

Max holds a MA in History, Political Culture and National Identity from the Leiden University, as well as a BA in History from the Utrecht University.

Advisory board


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