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The world’s first fluid virtual pop star

Meet Fi, the world’s first fluid AI-driven virtual artist. Fi is created to go beyond the limitations of human genders, ethnicities, subcultures, and music styles. 

Fi is built as a 3D character that releases music online and exists on social media, just like any other human artist. You can check out Fi’s Instagram and SoundCloud profile.

As a virtual character, Fi gradually changes appearance, combining diverse looks, styles and genres, while collaborating with a wide variety of human artists.

The overarching concept is a virtual character that gradually changes appearance. From a man inspired by Prince and Jin (BTS) to a woman inspired by Madonna and Dua Lipa.

And everything in between.

In order to build Fi’s life story, we brought together different human storytellers, generative AI tools and 3D modelling experts. Together, they decide what happens to Fi and what content is created.

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