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Fluid virtual artist

Beyond the limitations of gender and ethnicity.

Meet Fi, the world’s first fluid AI-driven artist and collaborative robot. Fi is created to become a virtual artist representing as many people as possible – no matter who you are or what you look like.


Fi is a virtual character that releases music and exists on social media, just like any other artist. Check our Fi’s Instagram and SoundCloud to learn more about life as an AI robot artist.

But Fi takes everything a step further. The virtual pop star Fi goes beyond the limitations of defined gender identities, ethnicities, subcultures, and music genres. Fi gradually changes looks and styles, mixes different genres of music and collaborates with a wide variety of artists.


Back in 2021, Fi was one of the first virtual artist to apply emerging AI and 3D technology in an innovative and inclusive way. Now, Fi is part of the Open Culture Tech project as an open source virtual co-creator who can adapt to the needs of collaborating human artists.

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