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Open Culture Tech

The latest technology,
for every artist

Open Culture Tech is an initiative to make the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Avatar technology more accessible to music artists in The Netherlands.

Open Culture Tech is all about creating and sharing knowledge and resources that music artists can immediately apply in their professional practices.
Open Culture Tech does this by building an open-source toolkit with accessible AI, AR and Avatar tools, by producing use cases (live shows) and by sharing best practises, tutorials and workshops.

Grimes clones her voice with AI, the Gorillaz are an interactive AR experience on Times Square and Travis Scott performed inside the Fortnite game.

Major artists are increasingly given opportunities and resources to experiment with the latest cutting-edge technologies in their music productions and live performances.


Open Culture Tech wants to ensure that 99% of other artists also have the opportunities and resources to work with the latest tech  without having to give away their data and creative intellectual property.

The Open Culture Tech toolkit is filled with both existing digital products (apps) and new open-source tools that we develop ourselves in close collaboration with developers and artists.

In close collaboration with Superposition, Reblium and The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision.


Open Culture Tech is made possible by, Creative Industries Fund NL and CLICKNL, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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